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Stay tuned for the next book in The Chicken Little Series where we meet Malaki Malay, the misfit rooster, who finds his way in an uncertain world.

  • Pia Pullet Comes to Chicken Little Farm (Hardcover)

  • Pia Pullet Comes to Chicken Little Farm (Paperback)


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About The Author

Tasha Meisenheimer hopes to be a popular name in children’s literature. She is a cancer survivor who chose to embrace life, after facing death. She is the mother of a young son and the owner of Chicken Little Farm in Orange, CT which served as the inspiration for her first children’s book series. She also has been, a cashier and deli attendant at a local market, a bartender at a billiard club, a student editor for the CT Review Magazine, and a high school English teacher and yearbook advisor. Presently, she is a private tutor. She also resides with her supportive husband who insists their home is not a farm!

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Book Synopsis

A clutch of Red Cross chickens are surprised with the arrival of a new member, Pia, a beautiful Polish pullet. Confused and unfamiliar with her appearance, all the chickens poke fun at her. Pia is left heartbroken and ostracized.
Due to their inability to accept Pia’s physical differences, the clutch pecks her plume to make her look like them. Regal, the old wise rooster, intervenes the injustice that befalls Pia while she realizes her fallen feathers are exceptionally beautiful. Despite the ill treatment, she befriends the rest of the clutch and forgives them for their wrongdoing.

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